Monday, February 27, 2012


Good evening --Long time no me on here.
Life is very busy for me now. Farmer man lives his life in bed now. I am here taking care of him AND
my Chickens.

It is getting closer and closer to spring and all the chickens are happy--Until the Great hawks invade the Hill. My girls and boys are all free range and that gets them in trouble. Early this morning when they all start going out to graze and enjoy the day, they all started screeching and flying toward the shrubs in the yard. I ran out and the hawk had one of my bantams and another hawk swooped down too.I ran toward them screaming and waving my arms, he turned her loose and she ran limping toward the shrubs and the other hawk tried to get her. I thought they got her because all the chickens were hidden by then. I went and fed them later and she was still with us but afraid and ruffled up.
This is not the first time they have been here, they come every day and have gotten one of my Japanese Bantams.
Every day now i will have to help them watch out for the hawks.

God Bless,
Love Aunt Maria

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flowers blooming early.

This January has been warm --cold--stormy, but no snow.I would like to have one snow that leaves the next day. I love to make pictures in the snow--Last year I made lots of pictures in the snow. I have one of my horse Ginger I just love it.

I have some little Buttercups blooming , I don't ever remember them blooming this early. In March, 2003 the year my mother passed away I picked one [SHE LOVED BUTTERCUPS] took it to the hospital for her and she passed on the 4th.

It was a beautiful sunrise this morning--Red skies in the morning sailors take warning. Well they looked like fire it was so red.

Love Aunt Maria[marie]

Sunday, January 8, 2012

''Jesus Calms The Storm''

This is another of my found chalk drawings~~~~This is good for the times of our lives, to know I have a storm calmer at my calling. I daily call on Him to help me to do the right things on this road I am traveling.

I enjoyed my day today , I got to go to church and take Communion. My grand daughter stayed with Farmer Man. I haven't talked much about him lately but right now he is doing pretty good. He had a New Years BDay and he enjoyed it even if we did have to tell him it was his BDay. It is a new year and I am looking forward to a better year. I am going to get back to doing some painting and other things I like to do.

Gods Blessings
Love Aunt Maria[Marie]

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I was looking for something in closet and found this picture. Thought I would share it with you.

In the '80s I would go to different churches and schools and did Chalk Drawings for the children and grown ups. I would have someone read the Bible story that went with the drawing as I did the drawing for them. Everyone enjoyed this little show and after I finished the drawings I usually gave someone in the audience the picture. I don't know why I still had this one~~~~Maybe to share with you.

May God bless you all.
Love Aunt Maria[ Marie]

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nannie's Black Dress

Hello everyone, I am glad to be back. My title today is one from a series of photographs taken in 2010. This picture is of me holding my beautiful white Silkies. They are such great chickens --rather shy but can be floggers to small children.
I started out four years ago with four now I have none.

The terrible thing is weasels and other critters of the dark nights come creeping in and steal them away. The weasel came and dug under the door one night and It looked like the Tasmanian Devil had been in that room where he was tearing their silk feathers out. He caught one and almost killed the other one. He had very few silk feathers left and his head was a mess. He hardly had one eye left. He killed one and [this is bad] a weasel eats the head off and gets only the blood [I told you it was bad]

Two nights ago something, probably a raccoon came and got the last one. I am sad the last one was the one I had to nurse back to health and he was so traumatized by the killing and attack ---that he stayed on top of a box under the hen's nest for 6 months and each day I fed and watered him there. He finally came out of the chicken house. When I fed the other chickens he followed me and I had a special place where I fed him and didn't let any other chickens get his food.

Silkies can't fly up to roost because of the silk feathers---So mine stayed on the top of a box or on the ground.

Love Aunt Maria{marie]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seasons of Life~~

The spring and summer have almost left us and i have not posted for a few months.
I have been in the flow of life changes~~~~~Really not the kind of changes that I really wanted. Old Farmer Man has dementia, as I have mentioned before, the last few months have been much worse for him. He had UTI several times and then pneumonia that was very bad. He couldn't walk and spent 44 days in Nursing Home. He still can't walk but I brought him home anyways. Hospice Compassus is helping me out. A nurse comes two days a week and an CNA comes three times a week. He stays in bed most of the time. My children all help out and  I am so thankful for that.
Friends offer to help if I need them. I never know when I will need someone to come and help get him up during the day. I thank God for good neighbors and family and church family.

I don't have much time for anything but caring for him. I did make some fig preserves and blackberry preserves. I made my wonderful corn relish from my corn in the garden. I did these things in between running back and forth while he was in nursing home.

He is much happier home even though he doesn't realize he is at home. He just knows I am with him all the time. I am very glad I could bring him home~~I hope he can spend the rest of his days here.

I made some pictures to share. Hands tell a story of a long working man's life. Now they lay still only to touch the dog are reach for my hand or hug the children and others. They reach out to visitors to shake their hands and wave bye bye. LIFE CHANGES.
WE all face them.